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Electric power saver for air conditioners. 



The Climasaver CL-1001 electricity saving system switch is based on a small magnetic reed switch providing the greatest possible safety at a low cost of purchase. The appliance has successfully passed all statutory quality controls and is also harmonized with two Community directives LVD / EMC accompanied with CE Certification. 

With this electric panel DIN relay switch you are sure that the operation of the air conditioner is ensured when the balcony doors of the room are closed. In the opposite case, without our power saver, the air conditioner functions continuously even when the doors are open, so cool air (or warm) is lost and the electric bill increases.

The system is constituted of a wall-fitted switch (with time delay) with built-in relay and a pair of magnetic traps that are placed in the interior of the French door (a pair = sensor-magnet, if is one-panel door). The trap with cables is installed on the stable part of the door (casing) and the magnet on the movable part (panel). 

CL-1001 is presented in a plastic box for installation close to the air conditioner or inside the electric panel. When the French door open, a command is comming from the magnetic trap to the power saver with a time delay of 90 sec and the air conditioner’s operation is interrupted. When the tenant of the room closes the door the circuit balances and restores the 230 VAC supply, or if the door is closed before 30 sec the operation is continued without anyone understanding nothing.


The requirements for the connection of CL-1001 are a bipolar simple wire of a cross-section of 0,50mm from the magnetic trap on the French door up to the switchCL1001. In case of a two-panel door special attention must be given to connect in series connection two magnetic traps in such a manner that when only one panel opens the CL-1001 will stop the 230 VAC supply of the air conditioner. 

The connection from the magnetic trap is operated with the aforementioned bipolar wire on the bipolar plugs on the right bearing the contact symbol 1,2 no polarity is required. 
The ends of the connection wires must be stripped for 3 mm.

For the connection of the CL-1001 with the 230 VAC supply, three wires are required: the neutral wire is on the left of the triple – pole socket bearing the N symbol, the entrance of the phase is on the right of the triple-pole socket bearing the L symbol and the output of the phase to the air conditioner bears the symbol of an arrow v and is located on the center of the triple-pole socket. The ends of the connection wires must be stripped for 3 mm. 

The ends of the connection wires must be stripped for 3 mm. 

The air conditioner electric power saver switch mod. CL-1001 is certified for load bearing up to 1000 VA and disposes of a very powerful relay of 16A 230 VAC. 

The connection work is better if must be done by a licensed electrician. In any case you must proceed to interruption of power if you are to deal with the connection of the Clima Saver® 1001.
Taric code no: 85363010 www.energycontrol.gr 

Din Rail Switch for EU Electric panel Installations

CLIMA SAVER CL 1001 Technical data sheets

Voltage : 230 Vac +10% - 10% 
Watt : 1000 VA 
Electric Operation : 100.000 Cycles ON-OFF
Mechanic operation : 60.000 Operations
Operation Temp. : -20 C to 55 C
Time Delay : 0,5 Minute
Installation : Distribution panel for fixed
electric installations
Standards : EN 60669
Waterpr/f Prot.Factor : IP 20

Declaration of Conformity: Authentic CE by VDE
Guarantee : 36 Months
LVD test Laboratory : VDE Institute


Offered with three year guarantee. The guarantee concerns Clima Saver CL- 1001. 

The magnetic traps covered by the 3 year guarantee but neither are deteriorations from faulty connections, also not guarantee cover if application of higher power than 230 VAC and overloading of consumption of 1000VA.

Taric code
Code 85363010

Clima Saver CL 1001

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