The system is constituted of a wall-fitted magnetic switch with build-in relay 1000 VA and a magnetic key ring (plastic or metal) that is individually inserted in the slot of the magnetic switch. The magnetic key rings bear the name of the hotel and the number of the room. 

The key of the room is inserted into the magnetic key ring with powerful metal ring. 

Thus the tenant collaborates, because when unlocking the door and entering the room, his first action will be to insert the key ring in the lighted slot of the magnetic switch as to grant electric power in the room. 

In the same way, when one walks out, he withdraws the key ring from the Energy Control magnetic switch, locks the door with the key and it delivers the key ring-key to the reception desk. 

In this case the power does not shut immediately but 0,5 min after, leaving enough time to the tenant to walk out.

Our power saver can function with the key ring from another room but it cannot be by-passed like other power savers on the market which operate with the input of a hard object (in tongue shape), our saver requires the strong magnetic field of the key ring.


The requirements for the installation of Energy Control are a inset box of electric switch similar with what we would put a normally socket. 

It would be better if you could install EnegyControl® above the other switches. Anyhow, due to inclination of the key ring enter slot and the ergonomic arrow outwards, it can also be placed between other switches. 

Since the objective is to generally control power supply in the room, all wires from the room’s fuse panel must end to the Energy Control RL 1001 box. The room’s fuse must not exceed 10A. 

This should not be very difficult because usually the distance of the Energy Control from the panel is relatively small and if we use an switch box that communicates with the panel with other cables, then easily, pulling the old cables, we tie up the ends the three new ones that are needed. 

Energy Control RL 1001 magnetic switch is certified for controlling power up to 1000VA and disposes of a small and very powerful Finder relay with16A condacts. 

Three wires only are required for the connection of the magnetic switch: the neutral wire on the right, has a small cross-section of hardly 0,25mm because it concerns the minimal requirements of consumption of Energy Control RL 1001, the entry of the phase is on the left with symbol L, and the exit of the controlled phase in the intermediate with arrow as the symbol of output. 

The connection must be done by a licensed electrician for the latter to bear responsibility of correct connection. 

In rare cases, when the room loads are greater than 1000VA, EnegyControl® can activate another relay of much greater power within the panel.

Taric code no: 85363010 

ENERGY CONTROL RL 1001 General switch for Electric fixed installations.

Technical data sheets

Voltage : 230 Vac +10% - 10%
Watt : 1000 VA
Electric Operation : 100.000 Cycles ON-OFF
Mechanic operation : 20.000 Operations
Operation Temp. : -20 C to 55 C
Time Delay : 0,5 Minute
Installation : Flush Type, EU Din standard 6Cm
diameter plastic box
Standards : EN 60669
Waterpr/f Prot.Factor : IP 20

Declaration of Conformity: Authentic CE by VDE
Guarantee : 36 Months
LVD test Laboratory : VDE Institute

SmartControl Ltd, 21 Spartis str, 11252GR ATHENS GREECE
web: Email:
Tel. : +302108668221 Fax: +301208668222


The materials that compose the magnetic switch of the power saver of are the best on the market, all certified with CE certifications, and give us the possibility to provide a two year guarantee for the appliance. 

The guarantee concerns only the Energy Control RL 1001, does not cover the key rings, the normal deterioration of the plastic and the cases when the operation voltage is higher than +10%, -10% of 230 VAC or when the power exceeds 1000 VA.

Taric code
Code 85363010

Energy Control RL 1001

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